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    Wines at the closest of the grapes

    Bearing the best quality in mind, all our grapes are harvested manually, which allows a drastic selection and thus to vinify only faultless grapes. The grapes are then put in the tank, destemmed or not, depending on the cuvee, without sulfates, and the fermentation starts with indigenous yeasts. During the entire vinification, we take care of our crop: Extraction is obtained softly by a few pumping over and punching of the cap. Transfers are made by gravity.

    A natural farming

    Our vines are planted at a density of roughly 5000 plants/hectare. We alternate plowing and green fertilizer culture in the interlines. The ground is plowed at the feet of the vine stocks to allow a deeper rooting. Fertilization comes only from our cattle composted manure. The short pruning ( cordon de Royat) combined with disbudding, thinning out of the leaves, trellising, etc. allows us to have a hold on the yields as well as an optimized aeration of the clusters, all this leading to a high maturity level synonym of perfect quality.

    Gamay St Romain

    The soils, very sandy and drainy, come from granit. They match perfectly our grape variety : the gamay St Romain. Some plots with more clay are destined to Chardonnay growing. The quality and the typicity of the Côte Roannaise wines earned them an AOC classification as early as 1994.

    The Cattle: a natural and local production

    Our estate stands out by its secondary activity: the breeding of limousine cows, a rustic breed renown for the quality of its meat. 35 hectares of meadow are kept for the breading of 25 animals/year. The heifers are bred and fattened naturally up to the age of 36 to 40 months. We give the same attention to our wines and to our cattle to get healthy and high quality products. A cooperation with a local, human sized, slaughter house allows a tailored, adaptable dry aging and cutting for each client. In a constant care of quality, respect of the environment and the consumer, the whole estate is farmed organically and biodynamically.